Official nVidia Geforce driver 353.62 Released !

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Official nVidia Geforce driver 353.62 Released !

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From nVidia geforce website:
The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX Game Ready drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 are now available to download from GeForce Experience and Featuring launch-day support for Windows 10, tweaks and optimizations for games running on other operating systems, and new SLI profiles, our latest Game Ready driver is a recommended update for all GeForce GTX gamers.

Game Ready For Windows 10

The GeForce Game Ready program delivers updated drivers for your favorite titles before their launch, ensuring the best possible experience the second you start playing. Today, we’re delivering Game Ready support for all games played on the newly-released Windows 10.

That means you can enjoy Dark Souls II at 4K with Dynamic Super Resolution, Witcher 3 with HairWorks and SLI, Battlefield Hardline with performance-enhancing Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing, Grand Theft Auto V with TXAA Anti-Aliasing and PCSS shadows, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes with GameStream, and League of Legends with G-SYNC and ShadowPlay. If a feature is on our list, it’s supported under Windows 10 with the new Game Ready driver.

For gamers, Windows 10’s DirectX 12 is the focus of attention, enabling the creation of new, more advanced visual effects, and higher performance in DirectX 12-optimized games. With the Game Ready driver, Maxwell and Kepler GPUs offer complete support for DirectX 12. Fermi-based GPUs will gain support for DirectX 12 titles later this year, around the arrival of the first wave of DirectX 12 content. And of course, we’ll be ready and waiting with Game Ready drivers to add performance optimizations, SLI profiles, and much, much more.

For further details about GeForce GTX gaming on Windows 10 and DirectX 12 check out our Windows 10 launch article.

New SLI Profiles

Upgrade your rig with a second NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU to activate SLI, the multi-GPU technology of choice for gamers. With intelligent scaling and industry-leading multi-GPU anti-stutter technology, NVIDIA SLI is the smoothest, most effective way of increasing frame rates by up to 2x.

In the new GeForce Game Ready drivers, the following SLI profiles have been introduced:

Batman: Arkham Knight - Added SLI profile (previously deployed via GeForce Experience)
Hai Zhaqn Shi Jie - Added SLI profile
Killing Floor 2 - Added SLI profile
Metro: Last Light - Updated SLI profile
Motocross - Added SLI profile
MotoGP 15 - Added SLI profile
Squadron 42: Star Citizen - Updated SLI profile
Total War: Arena - Updated SLI profile

Download from

Official nVidia Geforce driver 353.62 Released !



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Official nVidia Geforce drive…

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I appreciate what you are saying.

It was the parts about Nvidia being at fault that I can not understand. as was suggested in a few of the posts.

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