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CPU and GPU Trends Conclusions from 2019 AMD versus Intel!

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 6:27 am
by EzekielJose
Mercury Research, analysist firm specializing in CPU market share analysis, has released it’s forecast for the final quarter of 2019 (link to Tom’sHardware article in Notes). Equally, AMD and Intel have both released their Q4 Earning Reports, which will allow us to finalise some conclusions for 2019.

Intel Q4 2019 Earning Report a -1% drop in mobile volumes and a +7% increase in desktop volumes with desktop volume seeing a -4% drop in averaging selling prices. Overall, Client Computing Group saw a 3% increase in revenue versus the previous quarter. From these results, Intel did not suffer any weakness in the Prebuilt Desktop Segment, but saw a slight drop off in the mobile segment.

AMD Q4 2019 Earning Report, highest quarterly revenue achieved in the company history, with Computing and Graphics Segment seeing an 18% increase compared to the previous quarter. Revenue growth was driven predominately by “strong sales of Ryzen™ processors and Radeon™ gaming GPUs”. From this report, Ryzen CPU sales remained strong, but static and Radeon Gaming sales drove the record revenues increases, which is as most analysist would have expected with RX 5500 4GB, RX 5300M, RX 5500m and RX 5500XT all shipping in Q4 2019.

The Radeon Division is now running two separate research and development programs; a) one dedicated to a gaming GPU architecture (RDNA); b) one dedicated datacentre architecture (GCN). This will see greater performance increases from generation to generation on both fronts, but it will come at the cost of lower GPU prices e.g. datacentre sales will no longer help to recoup the cost of research and development expenditures for gaming products. This will improve the Radeon Division competitive position versus Nvidia in gaming and the datacentre via delivering larger performance increases over the next 10 years.