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FAQs / Issues / Solutions

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To solve the infinite boot loop issue / password lost that some users are having, you must boot with the DVD/USB (Windows installation disk) in recovery with Command prompt OR restart the computer (not the reset button) and HOLD THE SHIFT KEY until you have the advanced option menu and the option to boot with a Command prompt and type :

Option 1 (recommended) : bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot

* Replace "default" with the identifier of your operation system. (can be seen when you run bcdedit)

If option 1 is not working,

Option 2 : bootrec /rebuildbcd

There may need to be some adjustement if you have a dualboot system. but if not , it should work correctly.

From my personal experience, the UXTHEME patcher was a possible cause of this.

SafeMode may not work especially with the "Windows 10 Anniversary Update" when CSM in the bios is "Disabled". (Microsoft issue)

Trying to impersonate the SYSTEM account... FAILED !
To fix this :
Go into secpol.msc (local security policy) --> local policies --> User Right Assignment.

For value of the “debug program” you should have the Administrators (with the S) group. If not, add it.
And then reboot. This is Windows default by the way.

FAQs / Issues / Solutions



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Re: FAQs / Issues / Solutions

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Tip: After having cleaned the drivers on Safemode, when we first restart back to 'normal' one, you can bump into a black screen. Don't panic, this is totally normal, just press any key (e.g.: Enter) and you'll see your Sign-In screen.
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