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Question about GTA V's FPS

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:23 am
by sofbud

So uhh, I'm trying to get GTA V (singleplayer for now) at 165hz 1440p, and or just around 100fps.

My specs consist of the following:

I7-7700k (4.20ghz)

Just a normal 1080.

And 16 GB's of ram.

(I don't hope I missed out on anything important)

Currently, I'm sitting at 60-80fps, and don't know what's wrong?

Maybe my PC just isn't powerful enough it's just that I've seen people talking about having 970's and getting the same amount of FPS.

I also try to get my game have the highest settings, but currently, I just have it at high, other than textures.

If anyone knows if I'm experiencing a problem, could you please help me?

If not, and my PC is just not powerful enough, I wouldn't know because I'm stupid when it comes to this, ahah.