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Issue with PC through av receiver now says no input signal on monitor.

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:51 am
by jeleinew
Equipment list is ryzen 5, rx580 card and windows 10. I have them running through an onkyo tx sr313. For now I have the whole PC running through the receiver. In the future I was going to run it as split using the two monitor work around. Everything was working fine up until yesterday. I left the system on and it went to sleep. Usually everything wakes up fine. Yesterday when the system woke up, it worked for about 1 minute and then my monitor turned off and wouldn't wake. When I restarted the system it just says no signal on the monitor.

Things I've considered and troubleshooting: I hooked up the computer straight to the monitor and everything works like normal. I reinstalled the adrenaline drivers I updated windows. I made sure the refresh and resolution on windows and the card were all the right values. I've changed channels on the receiver I've tried different hdmi cables I've turned everything off put the cables in and powered on the monitor and receiver-waited- and then turned on the PC.

Thanks in advance.