What is Give Me Power (GMP)

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What is Give Me Power (GMP)

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What is GiveMePower?

GiveMePower (GMP) is a tool that will give you "System Level" privilege for the application you will open with it. "System Level" privilege are similar to "Root" under Linux system.

It has all the power of the "administrator" account and the advantage that most files / registry keys / etc... on our system already have full control for system account and by so, does not required us to take ownership/ modifying permission like we would have to do with a normal admin account.

The biggest advantage of "GMP" is that it give you access to almost everything without the need to modify the permission / ownership of the object you try to see / modify.

You can see the effect of this by looking at Task Manager in windows. You will see that the application you opened with GMP is running with the user name "System".

DDU (for example) is using the same technique to clean systems of drivers.

Typical usage :
-Can help installing a driver that have permission access/denied problem.
-Accessing previously inaccessible registry region with "regedit".
-System files edit.
-Anything you think of that required higher privileges.

Here is a simple test to show you a bit of what it can do:

-Open "regedit" (With an Admin account) and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY.
It should be empty.

-Now close "regedit"

-Reopen it with GMP and go to the same key.
You will now see that it has subkeys and you can access them.

This is Impossible with an Admin account without modifying permission / taking ownership etc...

GMP is a powerful and dangerous utility. It should only be used by users who known what they are doing.
Some application were not made to have this kind of system privilege and may react unexpectedly; so be careful.

What is Give Me Power (GMP)