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Re: Norway VPN

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Hello! There are many VPN services available that can meet your requirements for fast internet speeds, secure connections, and the ability to access geo-restricted content. Some popular options include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, FastestVPN and Surfshark.

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Re: Norway VPN

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In comparison to the other three VPNs you mentioned, NordVPN is class above the rest. Your computer will load more slowly with Surfshark, and I haven't tried the other two.
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Re: Norway VPN

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- ExpressVPN

Sorry it's in French, but it is very informative :-)
I always look at what's behind a VPN ... 50#p515250

- FastestVPN.. I dont t know but ... NOTHING

- Surfshack was launched by .. TESONET, and then bought by NordVPN in 2022: I do not recommend it

- NordVPN: They are very good at hiding information, but this is the least worst

To meditate;

A VPN service provider is particularly looking for those who wish to protect their privacy, whether in terms of personal data, or (which they cannot put forward) to go to “borderline” sites or sites prohibited by law, etc. therefore have... particularly interesting traffic to observe.

In the world of VPNs (free or paid) we find former Israeli, American secret agents, US mercenaries or others, Chinese nationals close to power, fake companies with NSA links or other SRs from other countries, fake specialized websites (including many comparisons), former malware developers, Panama Papers and habitual criminals… The VPN industry may raise questions"
Only Amiga.. Was possible :-)
DDU in French
ISLC and more in French :
WagnardTools in French :
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