TDR Manipulator V1.2 Released

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TDR Manipulator V1.2 Released

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Tdr Manipulator is a tool to enable / disable and control the Windows TDR behavior.

Warning! Please READ.
Use only if you know what you are doing and are a PowerUsers. Standard users with not a lot of computer skills should stay away.
After Testing, I recommend to set back to Default.

For those having TDR ( display driver stopped responding and has recovered ) and those with BSODs with VideoTDR timeout (0x116 , 0x117), this tool may help you workaround around your issue and is usually used for debugging.

I recommend trying this when you tried all others solutions. (checking heat, down-clocking, etc...)

Please note that changing the TDR value of windows is only a *workaround* and should not be changed on a healthy system with healthy driver.
In fact, by disabling the TDR and if it appear to fix your issues, keep in mind that it is mostly masking it.

Recommended usage:

For the most common users, simply Disable the first option.

This will have either 2 effects :
1- You will be happy and no more TDR.
2- System Freeze / hang.

Why Freeze or hang? because the TDR feature of Windows job is to reset the videocard driver if the Windows TDR process detect that something jammed on the GPU for too long. (this is a noob friendly explanation)
For more details, refer to : ... s.85).aspx

I provide this application for 2 reasons.

#1 For some users, it is easier/safer/feel safer to do it that way than to go into regedit and doing ... s.85).aspx manually.

#2 Playing around with the values could help Nvidia find the problem. If a higher delay is needed to avoid a bsod 0x117 than letting nvidia know about this and what setting were changed could help them fix thi faster.

TDR is a "watchdog" (Timeout Detection and Recovery of GPUs ) present since Windows Vista. If it detect that the card is taking too much time to execute something of that it feel that the GPU is in a frozen state (This is a noob friendly explanation) that the TDR will reset the GPU or some part of it (since windows 8) in an attempt to not leave the computer in a frozen state.

In other words, TDR usually enhance stability. But in some case where a problem in the videodriver is making some thread to be stuck a bit too long on the GPU, that you can have some TDR (GPU reset) happening and making games crash as resetting the GPU while playing is not a good idea.

by disabling TDR or play a bit with the value, it can help workaround your issues or help identifying problems.

-Requirements: .NetFramework 2.0 +
-Supports Windows Vista up to Windows 10 AU
-32/64bit support

Fixed wrong value detected.


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TDR Manipulator V1.2 Released



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