DDU problems. Need help

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DDU problems. Need help

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Portable Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The home cleaning task consumes a lot of our time, especially for women. Sometimes, they do not have enough time to relax or take care of themselves, their children and families. That is why smart devices such as a small vacuum cleaner or an intelligent vacuum cleaner are becoming more and more popular among consumers. However, the question is “which ones are best” because not all families are able to equip them. This article will analyze the disadvantages of each type for you to consult when making a purchase decision.

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1. Portable Vacuum Cleaner


This type of machine operates on the principle of using the vacuum to create suction, from which the dust will be sucked into the dust chamber.

● Pros

The portable vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA filter to purify sand and can filter pollen or tiny dust particles suspended in the air by as small as 0.05 mm, ensure help an airy, fresh atmosphere in your homeroom.

Because of its compact size, it can be used to clean every corner of your house such as under the table, under the cabinet, in the home or high places such as church cabinets and sun blinds.

This type of vacuum cleaner is also very suitable for picking up domestic animal hair or hair on carpets and sofa, especially what we cannot see clearly with the naked eye.

The manufacturer also does not forget to equip these machines with specialized suction heads for use in different locations.

At present, the price of a handheld vacuum cleaner ranges from $25 - $250, not too high, so almost every family can invest in one.

● Cons

Although there are many such uses, this is still a semi-automatic vacuum cleaner, and you have to use your hands and strength if you want your room clean. Therefore, nowadays, many modern families have moved to using a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the house automatically. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this type.

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2. Smart Vacuum Cleaner


This type of vacuum cleaner is programmed to automatically clean the house, according to the timetable you program into it.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a D-shaped or disc-shaped structure, with flexible, slow-shifting wheels that move at low altitudes when moving to different terrains.

The bottom surface has the suction mouth, and two around the brush, usually from 2-4 units.

● Pros

Sensing system for navigation, identification of collision avoidance, and avoiding stairs when working, all make it a fantastic machine with several outstanding advantages such as:

- Automatically works without supervision

- Easily connect to the remote to schedule work when you're not at home.

- Save time and effort.

- Reduce costs when not hiring house cleaners to clean the house.

- It can work 24/7. When the battery runs out, it will automatically return to the charging station and then when the battery is full, it will continue to work according to the programmed cycle.

● Cons

For the elevated positions such as church cabinets, curtains, or slot cabinets, the robot vacuum-cleaner cannot access these for cleaning.

It only works on surfaces with a difference of elevation of not more than two centimeters.

The price is quite high. Not every family dares to spend $300 - $500 to buy this robot.

3. Conclusion

After this post, we believe that you will have made your decision. If you want to refer to a few more of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, please check out our website TheKingLive.com. Here, we upload information about various types of vacuum cleaners from the most popular to the most advanced models. Check it out, and you will be satisfied.
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DDU problems. Need help



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Re: DDU problems. Need help

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robbieburton wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:49 pm Hi, I have problems when I try to uninstall my display drivers. I have used Device Manager, and now DDU, but everything keeps getting bad. I ran DDU and The log gets to “Executing SetupAPI remove Audio controller.” and then nothing happen.
What can i do now? I'm using Windows 10
Could you send me the content of the DDU logs folder so that I can see why this happen?
You can send it to [email protected]
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