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Wagnardsoft Stutter Test Released

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2024 11:54 am
by Wagnard
Wagnardsoft Stutter Test Released



-Windows 10 or newer


First release.

Known issues:
- *** Please note that turning OFF Vsync will tax your GPU a lot because it will throw 1k+ FPS. I will add a FPS limit later but for now use with caution at your own risk. ***

SHA-1 B4749AD675C85253AD54A367403849A27CAA467D
SHA-256 DD6F37DE59734D9A8331C801DDED49A9C6C2F9CFA28D45AE95FE3128E18618DE

*** Download WST "Portable / self-extracting" ***

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It is a useful tool that may help you update outdated drivers.


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Re: Wagnardsoft Stutter Test Released

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2024 9:18 pm
by RonanN1
Thank you for this tool :mrgreen:

In fullscreen with Vsync ON I have some small stuttering ~ 146 to 237 fps and with Vsync OFF I have 0 stuttering and ~ 3600 to 6999+ FPS.

Main monitor: ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM
GPU: ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC 24GB GDDR6X
CPU: Ryzen 9 7950X